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TELUM BITS joins strategy and technology to conquer your company’s digital challenges in collaboration with your team.

We are itching to provide

  • custom-fit and scalable software
  • transparent and  integrated project management in combination with strategic and process-optimising consulting
  • sustainable cooperations, which are evolving new business potentials and growing digital experiences from ideas

We are




Our TELUM BITS team – cool, game-changing and above all rock-solid – stands by your side offering competence, reliability, maximum flexibility and experience of many years.

Quality of service, imminent availability of your contact persons, sustainability and reliability are the key figures we are competing with – experience, efficiency and the ability to cooperate are your benchmark for our collaboration.


You need the perfect-fitting software to support your business processes?

You cannot make compromises, if the implementation of your software requirements is at stake?

You are looking for a reliable project partner at your disposal who understands and meets your requirements?

Get in touch! We’ve supported our customers during 20 years – we are transferring your requirements into software your company really needs.

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You need support while setting up or during implementation of your projects?

You are looking for a professional partner – no matter in which phase your projects currently are?

Our experts support you from day one on, starting with an early brainstorming, concept forming – subsequently providing the complete range of IT consulting and project services.

Get in touch soon! We are looking forward to working with you.

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You are looking for a partner to realise your idea?

You need a prototype or you want to implement a solution which is ready for the market? Your project needs to be technically and economically validated? You’re just lacking necessary IT skills?

No matter if you are an individual, a small start-up, a midsize company or a big enterprise – we provide an individual and custom service package for any requirements.

Get in touch! We’ve evolved several ideas into products ready for the market in the past – we are looking forward to pushing your idea as well!

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